Top Sneaker Releases of 2022

While all eyes are on 2023, before our focus fully shifts to the New Year we decided to celebrate the past, taking a look at the best sneaker releases of 2022. 

2022 was definitely an eventful year for the world of sneakers and while it had its ups and downs, looking back, the year had some great releases that we were lucky to be a part of. It also had some headlines that were hard to imagine such as the elephant in the room (Kanye’s Yeezy partnership being terminated by adidas) but despite the scandals and the way too many to count release day L’s, 2022 was a stacked year that definitely changed the industry in many different ways. So without further ado, let’s begin by taking a look at New Balance’s year.


The team over at New Balance took no days off this past year and despite all the hype and demand, the brand stayed true to themselves and preserved their name with quality releases time and time again. With a handful of collaborations going down in 2022, the brand’s lineup featured many different silhouettes to showcase their versatility. Topping the list is the JJJJound 990v3 which demanded the attention of all, along with special releases with Joe FreshGoods’ 9060 and 993 colorways. Other collaborations that stood out this year were the Aime Leon Dore 550 & 650 releases, as well as the Salehe 990v2 and Bodega 9060. Speaking of ALD, the Made in USA collection was expanded with the help of none other than Teddy Santis and lastly, the 2002R Protection pack was executed effortlessly and will likely be a huge highlighting piece of 2022’s footwear collection when looked back upon. New Balance definitely had a clear vision for the year and supplied fans with renovated classics, unique designs, and soft colorway palettes that stood out in an industry full of vibrant shades and statement begging offerings. They proved that sometimes less is more and we can’t wait to see what the brand will do in 2023.


It’s no surprise that the adidas release calendar was highlighted by Kanye and Yeezy the first 3/4 of the year, and they two were having a great year with Kanye before things went south. Starting with the Foam Runner and the Slide, 2022 saw a few restocks of fan-favorite colorways along with new designs that were perceived well by the community. We also saw the return of the Turtle Dove 350 which was something we thought would never happen along with the return of the Red-Stripe 350 V2. For fans of all-black shoes, the Onyx 350 v2 also stole the show at the beginning of the year, giving fans an all-new rendition to enjoy. With Yeezy releases aside, in terms of the best sneaker releases of 2022, adidas lacked the star power we’re used to seeing from the brand and really only had the Bad Bunny Forum Low in Blue to show for it, as well as a collaboration with Gucci. 2023 is likely a make-or-break year for the brand on how/if they handle the Yeezy releases going forward with a rumored $500 million in Yeezy inventory on their hands.


Nike’s 2022 was a great one for fans of the Dunk. Whether it was a Nike SB-driven release or not, the Dunk was in the back of many minds all year long. Starting with SB, the brand gave us a handful of offerings that highlighted the year. Kicking off with the Bart Simpson-inspired design, the brand executed their releases of “inspired” designs without official collaborations with another release being the LA Dodgers offering as part of the bubblegum pack. The model also had a nice east-to-west release with the HUF NY and SF drop, a meaningful collaboration with Why So Sad? that advocated for mental health awareness, and also furthered their collaboration with Concepts and their Lobster series. They also had some great releases on their own with the Fruity Pack and the Paisley offerings. Aside from SB, the Nike Dunk also saw some great releases which included help from Union and a special Jackie Robinson release that highlighted the pro athlete’s career and special role in diversifying the MLB and American culture. Moving away from the Dunk, the Swoosh had some other notable releases like the Kobe 6 Mambacita and the Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 along with Off-White’s Green Spark colorway. The Air Max 1 was also in the spotlight with releases from Travis Scott, Patta, Concepts and Kasina as well as the Asia-Pacific exclusive Wabi-sabi rendition. Finally, the General Purpose Shoe from Tom Sachs made waves with its simple yet innovative style as once again Nike did not disappoint.


Somehow, someway, Air Jordan will always remain on top for many sneakerheads and the brand definitely diversified in 2022, expanding their women’s series and Golf collection while giving fans Retro releases for the entire family to enjoy. Beginning with likely the #1 release of the year, the Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found, the brand gave fans an updated take on the classic Chicago colorway which was released in full-family sizing just in time for the holiday season, a cocktail for success. Staying with the 1s, the model saw the long-awaited return of the Yellow Toe offering and collaborations on the AJ1 Low thanks to Travis Scott and Zion Willamson. Going down the Jordan series, the AJ2 also saw a huge push this year with multiple offerings being made available, the most popular being the Chicago, A Ma Maniere, and UNION offerings. The year also featured Jordan Brand bringing back the OG Fire red offering of the Air Jordan 3 which fans were very thankful for and the AJ4 did not disappoint with great releases thanks to the Military Black rendition and the A Ma Maniere collaboration. Other Jordan releases we feel had a huge impact on the year are the Air Jordan 7 Trophy Room (good or bad) and who can forget about the holiday Air Jordan 11 release with the Cherry design being a highlight all holiday season long and being on the top of the list for sneakerheads’ holiday shopping.


2022 was a great year and we loved covering the latest news along with supplying you all with release links all year long. We hope we had a positive impact on your year and we thank you all for tuning in on a daily basis for news and release information ahead of drops. 2023 will likely be an even bigger year and we will be here all 365 days, so be sure to follow our website and our socials on either Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date. Also, while you’re here, if you’re interested to see what Air Jordan has in store for the 2023 calendar year, check out our article here highlighting all of the leaks hitting shelves next year. Once again, thank you for all of your support in 2022. For the team here at JustFreshKicks, we wish you all a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2023!

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