Nike VaporMax

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The Nike Vapormax represents a significant leap in Nike Air technology, focusing on optimal performance through efficient use of air. This separate line from Air Max has some notable differences in design, technology, and appearance. Side note, the most recent Air Max silhouette just released in 2024, called the Air Max Dn.


The design on the Vapormax employs pressure maps of the foot to determine precise air placement and volume, ensuring each step is supported perfectly during a run. Each lug in the tread acts like a piston, delivering increased pressure when you step down. This pressure is then released when you lift off, providing a springy, responsive feel. Vapormax eliminates the need for foam, using the Air unit directly underfoot. This technology significantly reduces weight and enhances flexibility. This pioneering approach changes the sensation of cushioning. Nike’s entire construction process of Air shoes has been forever remodeled.