The Reebok First Pitch program only opened its doors at the beginning of August, and today, the release platform is onto its fourth release. This week, the Aztec OG gets a sand-colored makeover to tell the story of Marie-José Pérec, the fastest woman alive.

Reebok First Pitch works like this: ‘Bok designers come up with a shoe and create a ‘pitch’ for consumers, consisting of rendered images and a background story. Then, the shoe is launched on the Reebok website, with a limited number of pairs available (500 for pairs for each so far). The price starts off at just $1, gradually increasing by $1 with every purchase until it reaches the silhouettes retail price, so far set at $90 for all releases, at which the rest of the pairs will be sold. If all 500 pairs are purchased, the release is funded and goes into production. If not, the shoe is never heard from again. So far, Reebok has been pretty successful with the new pre-order program, selling out of their first three releases usually within just hours. Now, the Reebok team has a new release, stepping beyond their previous boundaries of the Club C and Classic Leather.
Reebok First Pitch launched their latest silhouette today, the “Quart de Mile” Aztec OG. The new color scheme is directly inspired by Marie-José Pérec, a sprinter from Guadeloupe who raced for France on an international level. However, this shoe specifically reaches Pérec’s roots on the small Caribbean island. As the shoe’s designer, Danny Finocchio, says “The Caribbean inspired the colors—neutrals for light sun-soaked buildings and vibrant accents for the fashion. Three gold stars honor the medals she won in Barcelona and Atlanta for the 400 and 200 meters. But my favorite part is the graphic of Marie-José on the label. In the 90s, the Reebok Star Crest featured a male runner. I wanted to flip who we picture as elite athletes and celebrate Marie-José as a champion.” The look is completed by a famous phrase from an ad Pérec starred in, stating “what does not kill you makes you stronger”.


Reebok’s latest entry in their ongoing First Pitch series went live today, September 21st, and is readily available for pre-order directly from the Reebok website. The “Quart de Mile” Aztec OG, honoring sprinter Marie-José Pérec, is available exclusively through this First Pitch release and has already reached its retail price tag of $90 to reserve yours. Check out the official mock-ups below for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more Reebok release news.

Reebok Aztec OG “Quart de Mile”
Release Date: Available Until October 21st, 2020
Price: $90
Color: Tan/Sand