Off-White has definitley made its way up to the top of Street-Wear culture as Virgil has made quite a name for himself and his brand. Collaborating with Nike and Air Jordan on some of the most hyped sneakers we have ever seen, Off-White appears to have recently adapted a new logo.

Most likely due to the legal battle the luxury street-wear brand has faced with its logo, Off-White looks to be taking on a new identity. Known for the famous X, the brand has fallen victim to being heavily mimicked by the counterfeit world. They also have been accused of stealing design techniques and specific colors and stripes by Helly Hansen, so a new logo makes sense for the powerhouse brand.

Although very different from its predecessor, the new logo features a sinking face and two hands on the sides with “Off” and “White” separated underneath. Abloh was quick to share on Instagram as he posted multiple pictures of the new logo across banners, signs, and even clothing labels and stated “updated identity”. It also appears the fashion label has filed a new trademark for the logo on September 13th, so expect to see this new logo grace the SS20 collection. It will be interesting to see how this new identity is used on Off-White x Nike products, but knowing Virgil it’s no question that it will be heat.

As we get more information on the logo change as well as how the logo will be adapted in terms of Nike and Air Jordan products, we will update you! For now, enjoy the images of the new logo below thanks to Virgil himself.

Words By Irven Sykes