Discover the world of Off-White in our dedicated category featuring the latest news, release dates, and exclusive leaks. The innovative Virgil Abloh founded the brand in 2012. Off-White merges luxury with contemporary streetwear, influencing high fashion and urban style globally.


Off-White, initially founded as “PYREX VISION” by Virgil Abloh, rebranded to its current name in 2013. The brand introduces the fashion world to a unique aesthetic positioned in the “gray area between black and white.” Known for its bold diagonal stripes and intersecting arrows, Off-White quickly stood out in the luxury streetwear scene. The brand’s ascent was propelled by its famous collaboration with Nike. In partnership, they created “The Ten” sneaker collection. This collaboration reimagined iconic styles like the Air Jordan 1 and Air Vapormax with Abloh’s distinctive touch.


The death of Virgil Abloh in late 2021 marked a poignant moment for Off-White. The brand continues to thrive, honoring his legacy. Off-White maintains its prominence through innovative designs and high-profile collaborations, bridging the gap between skate culture and high fashion. With partnerships ranging from Jimmy Choo to IKEA and influences permeating from the skate parks to the runways. Off-White remains a pivotal force in shaping contemporary fashion narratives.