New Balance jumped into the sustainability game back in July of 2018, when the brand launches its Test Run initiative, which aimed to reduce waste in production. Now, the brand has something exciting to share: the PRJ 3.0, made from scrap materials.

Sneaker brands are all about sustainability in 2019, and with good reason. The footwear industry is one of the most wasteful on the planet, thanks to widespread use of fabrics and harder materials like TPU and EVA. However, with so many sustainability initiatives announced in the past several years, its hard not to be optimistic. Take New Balance’s Test Run division, which first opened its doors early in 2018. The goal of this section of the brand is to challenge the creative process by testing new and unique ideas for performance footwear. The latest innovation in this category is the PRJ 3.0, designed by Seth Maxwell at the New Balance Global Design Center. The PRJ 3.0 aims to reduce the amount of excess materials used in New Balance’s manufacturing procedures by reusing cut scraps to create an entirely new silhouette. As is the case with many shoes made from scrap materials, the PRJ 3.0 has no set color schemes, instead, each pair is entirely unqiue, with many differing even between the left and right shoes.


New Balance’s latest sustainable sneaker created by the Test Run initiative has been scheduled to release later this week on November 15th, 2019. The colorful and extremely unique PRJ 3.0 will be available from a select number of retailers including Kith, Bodega, Extra Butter, Vibram, and the brand’s own site for a very reasonable $180 a pair. Check out some of the possible color combinations below for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more New Balance release news.

New Balance Test Run PRJ 3.0
Release Date: November 15, 2019
Price: $180