Action Bronson x New Balance Minimus Trail – First Look

Action Bronson

Action Bronson and New Balance continue their successful partnership with the upcoming release of the Action Bronson x New Balance Minimus Trail. This collaboration promises to bring a fresh, colorful twist to trail footwear, combining Bronson’s unique style with New Balance’s renowned performance features.

The Action Bronson x New Balance Minimus Trail is a bold and vibrant addition to the Minimus Trail line. Known for his lively and distinctive designs, Bronson has incorporated a palette of blue, green, red, and yellow shades into the shoe. This colorful approach reflects his creative vision and adds a standout element to the traditionally understated Minimus Trail.

The Minimus Trail model typically features all-mesh upper, sharp design elements near the heel, and a grippy tread for excellent traction. It also boasts a very low height, making it ideal for agility and quick movements on various terrains. However, given Bronson’s history of outside-the-box designs, this collaboration is expected to bring additional unique elements that differentiate it from standard Minimus Trail releases.

Bronson teased the upcoming collaboration on his Instagram story with the caption “NEXT UP.” This hint has generated significant anticipation among fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike. While detailed images and specific design inspirations are yet to be fully revealed, the sneak peeks suggest that this release will follow in the footsteps of Bronson’s previous successful collaborations with New Balance, such as the 1906R and 990v6.


The release date for the Action Bronson x New Balance Minimus Trail has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates and detailed images as the project develops. You can expect to purchase the sneaker through New Balance and select retailers. Pricing details will be provided closer to the release date.

Action Bronson x New Balance Minimus Trail
Release Date: 2024

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