Welcome back to our third installment of the Top Ten Custom Sneakers of October. For this month, we set out to pick the best spooky, intricate, and overall original ideas seen throughout the market. More than ever artists are creating one-of-a-kind wearable art through popular culture. The list includes designs based off Movies, Anime, and anything in between, so we hope you enjoy our picks for the month of October!

10. “Joker” Slip-On Vans


Our first entry to the list is one that was inevitable; The Joker movie became an instant success and it was only a matter of time before the customs started to roll out. Intricately painted, the portrayal of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is perfectly captured into the Vans silhouette. The pair is also completed with Joker-themed designs throughout its back panels and its counterpart. Be sure to check out the artist’s page for an in-depth look at the pair.

9. JBF Ultraboost


No stranger to recon work, JBF once again delivers a clean and concise iteration of the Ultraboost model. Constructed as a wedding gift, the custom presents an elegant look that reflects its craftsmanship. Composed of woven horsehair fabric, hand dyed alligator, goat, and calf, this Ultraboost is surely one-of-a-kind. Its attention to detail can easily be compared to any collaboration that has dropped in recent years, a true master of his art.

8. Chad Cantcolor Timberlands


Like many other artists, Chad’s style has become instantly recognizable for its vibrant colors and wild style. For this Timberland iteration, he opted for a monotone look that reflected the thematic design perfectly. Utilizing a white base, each line was careful dyed and freehanded to create one of the most intricate pairs we’ve seen to date. Its classic look incorporated with his signature style allowed this pair to be subtle yet vibrant at the same time.

7. “Nike Air” Vapor Untouchable 3 Pro


The next entry in our list is perhaps one of the most obvious works that match the base shoe. An allover “Nike Air” print dons the upper of this Nike Football Cleat to create a simple but intricate design. The White logos across the cleat contrast perfectly against the bright Red colorway and accentuate the model further. While it may not present such an intricate design, it does show its intricacy in the process as each logo is placed onto the cleat individually. This is one cleat you will not overlook during Sunday football.

6. “Dia De Los Muertos” Air Jordan 1


As the month of October came, more and more ‘spooky’ work started appearing. Alongside Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos presented us with many holiday-inspired iterations. One of them is this Jordan 1 that portrays the very popular sugar skulls throughout its design. Completed reconstructed, the pair offers a classic look with a historic motif. Paying tribute to both his roots and passion, @dmcustomsneakers incorporated both his identities into one clean and precise custom. Complimented by leather laces and a silver swoosh, the ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ Jordan 1’s are the perfect offering for any fan of the look.

5. “Code Vein” Slip-On Vans


To call @vanimesole’s work as intricate would be an understatement. His work is meticulously painted with markers to present a near-identical portrayal of their respective themes. For this iteration, he lend his talents and created a ‘Code Vein’ inspired vans. The color options look beautiful against the contrasting white accents and creates an aesthetically pleasing color palette. Completely hand painted, the model above is a true representation of his craft and talents. Check out his page for more anime-inspired customs.

4. “Beastly” Air Max 90


As one of the most iconic models under the Nike umbrella, the Air Max 90 has become a staple of sneaker culture. Now, @starlinecustoms took it a step further and presents one of the best looking Air Maxes to date. Inspired by @brockhofer’s work, the “Beastly” Air Max took approximately 60 hours to complete and was hand painted. One of the more notable features of the work is the glow in the dark addition to the pair creating a truly unique pair. Check out the page for more work and a better look at the model above.

3. “Goku” Air Jordan 1


The Air Jordan 1 model seemed to have had a great month for custom art. In that list, the ‘Goku’ iteration provides fans of both DragonBall Z and the Jordan 1 Model a perfect look. While the entirety of the shoe remains untouched, its lateral side presents a “Hypebeast” Goku imposed onto its design. The character is playfully added onto the Swoosh as if sitting on it alongside his Nimbus cloud to complete the look. A simple take on a beloved classic, this Air Jordan 1 is over 9000!

2. “Vanta Black” Air Jordan 1


What you are seeing is not an unlocked character nor is it a photoshop image. It is a custom Jordan 1 carefully curated by @danielcordas. “This piece is a result of altering the base material of the sneaker & using a unique mix of paint, including the ‘blackest’ pigment not on the market.” Its purpose is to absorb as much light as possible to create an altering effect of the silhouette. Inspired by the SNKRS app teasers, the project is one of the most original ideas we’ve seen to date. Be sure to check out his page for a video look at the above work.

1. “Freddy” Air Jordan 1


What better way to end the list than with this Freddy-inspired Air Jordan 1. @theshoesurgeon needs no introduction, becoming one of the most prolific recon artists around, his work has been seen worldwide and recognized by many. Now, he pays tribute to one of the most coveted SB’s of all time. Replicating its design onto a high-top model, the Freddy Jordan 1 could easily be one of the most well-presented customs to date. Its near-identical look rivals that of its SB predecessor and allows the design to be expanded across the silhouette. Be sure to check out his photos through his instagram for a better look at the pair.

That concludes this segment of our Top Ten Customs for the month of October. Let us know your favorite and other artist’s work you’d like to see on our list. Be sure to follow JustFreshKicks for all Custom news as well as your guide to all releases. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again next month!

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