The JustFreshKicks team is super excited to announce our new release platform, a project in the making for a while now, called SneakerLinks. More details can be found below.

Ever since our launch back in 2014, we hope you found JustFreshKicks to be a suitable source for all your sneaker needs. Whether through our news, launch links, restock alerts or exclusive segments, every day we strive to write meaningful content to empower our audience with knowledge and information.

Thanks to you guys, there is no doubt the JustFreshKicks team has been growing over the years. As a result, we believe it is time to take the next step forward. While traditionally we have provided release or “launch links” blended in with our blog posts and other articles here, we are thrilled to provide you guys with a new and improved way of purchasing and staying up to date with sneakers.


As hinted at earlier, SneakerLinks will be our new sneaker release platform. That doesn’t mean JustFreshKicks is going anywhere, in fact its quite the opposite. We’re here to stay and we’ll be the one’s running SneakerLinks (as a brand under JustFreshKicks). It’s just now we can better serve you guys, and here’s how: Rather than providing everything from news to links, JustFreshKicks will focus on news and continuing to tell the story behind each sneaker. On the other hand, SneakerLinks will be your place to find where you can purchase the sneakers.


So what exciting new features will SneakerLinks have, you ask? First off, our blog integration will allow you to shop sneakers with relevant news right at your fingertips.

On top of a news feed, other new features include raffle support and many account features, such as the ability to add sneaker releases to your favorites or your locker.

Much, much more is on the way, too. Following our launch we have a ton of new ideas planned that we believe will continue to change the way you buy sneakers.

In conclusion, we believe having a separate release platform will allow us to better suit you guys- our audience. It will allow us to expand and build on two of our main components, telling the story behind each sneaker and helping purchase each sneaker. Be sure to check out SneakerLinks and let us know what you think. Oh, and there may be a giveaway or two 😉

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