Sacai & Nike are taking their time getting ready for the debut of their new collaboration. However, many sneakerheads are getting impatient. They are in luck, though, as images of a new colorway for the Sacai LDV Waffle have surfaced online.

We’re tired of this too. The Sacai x Nike collaboration keeps popping up with a new release date, only to subsequently be pushed back in a matter of hours or days. To be fair, none of these announcements have come from Nike themselves, but rather usually anonymous online sources that delete their information as soon as they are proven wrong. Nevertheless, we wait patiently. In the meantime, HanZuYing is still taking it upon him(or her)self to share updates on the project whenever possible. This week, we received one of the most exciting updates yet: a new colorway. The Sacai x Nike LDV Waffle Runner was first only seen in loud, colorful makeups, until now, when images surfaced showing the mixed silhouette in a tonal greyscale colorway.

Since the last time we reported on the upcoming Sacai x Nike collaboration, we have seen numerous rumored release dates come and go, without any official announcement from the brand. Now, the shoes are rumored to be releasing sometime in Summer 2019, though with all the misleads, we aren’t banking on anything as of yet. Check out HanZuYing’s closer images for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more information regarding the release.