Nike Basketball will greaten their imprint on the court with a new upcoming Greater Than series that capitalizes on some of the best techs in footwear to increase your performance on the court. 

In sport performance, great design creates new opportunities for athletes. The design of a shoe should fundamentally help the athlete control space on the field of play. The new Nike Basketball Greater Than (GT) Series take essential movement principles from hoops and levels them up through a systems-based approach in three new silhouettes: the Air Zoom G.T. Cut, for cutting and change of direction; the Air Zoom G.T. Run, for energy return and running economy; and the Air Zoom G.T. Jump, for vertical jumping and impact protection, all of which are applied through new combinations of the Zoom Air Strobel.

Ross Klein, the Senior Creative Director for Men’s Performance said it perfectly. “The game’s currency is about quickness and space. How you use space on court can mark the difference between winning and losing,“ says Klein. “The Greater Than Series helps enable all players to create space in three ways: cutting quicker, running longer and jumping higher. Each silhouette in the range is designed to play at the highest level, but it’s your choice which capability you want to create separation with.”


All three shoes will be releasing this year with the Nike Air Zoom GT Cut dropping on April 1st in China and then April 22nd in North America. That will then be followed with the Nike Air Zoom GT Run this Summer and the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump later in 2021. Keep it locked for more updates.