Nike’s Air Max 1 has had a great string of successful releases in the past few years, and Nike is looking to capitalize on this. Earlier this week, images of a new Air Max 1 surfaced online, showing the legendary shoe in a new “Inside Out” look.

The Nike Air Max 1 is likely the most well-known shoe throughout the entire world of sneakers, if not the most famous. Introduced back in the 1980s as the latest in Nike’s relatively new line of Air-filled shoes, the Air Max 1 quickly became a hit among both runners and casual footwear enthusiasts, both for its unbeatable style and unparalleled comfort. Since then, the Air Max franchise has grown to include dozens of different styles, each defining its own look and feel. However, fans are always clamoring for the original, and while Nike is happy to oblige, they also like to have a little fun.

This month, the famed Air Max 1 has surfaced in a wild new look, never before seen in the franchise. Currently going by the title “Inside Out”, the new iteration is pretty clear in how it differs from the rest: the entire shoe is turned inside out. Nike has actually done a surprisingly great job in accomplishing this look. The various layers are stacked in the opposite manner that we would usually see them, producing small overhanging segments at the edge of the material. Additionally, the stitching has been turned inside out as well, exposing the more stylized inner side.

Nike’s latest limited edition release of the classic Air Max 1 has not yet been scheduled for release, though we expect them to drop sometime this year. Given the special nature of this pair, we also expect the retail price to be more than the AM1’s usual $140, and release from select retailers. Check out the sneak peek below for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more Nike Air Max release news.

Words by Ben Serleth