The last week has been a whirlwind for Don C and Jordan Brand. After rumors of Don getting his own Jordan started flying left and right, the Chicago-born designer decided to hop on Instagram and reveal the new Air Jordan Legacy 312 for himself.

Don C is teaming up with Jordan Brand for an unexpected project. Soon, the pair will release Don’s first-ever signature sneaker. The shoe was first confirmed by the man himself late last week on the Failing Upwards podcast. After the information became well-known, sneaker leak accounts fervently began trying to track down the shoe. Finally, a grainy and warped image was posted to Instagram several days ago, prompting Don to post a better, untouched picture.

The new Don C x Air Jordan Legacy 312 shoes take inspiration from some of the best Nike and Jordan sneakers around. For the upper, the Don began with the most iconic sneaker ever, the Air Jordan 1. For his new “312” silhouette, the Jordan 1 is clearly visible in the toe box, side paneling, and ankle collar as they are all taken directly from the OG Jordan. Then, elements of the Air Jordan 3 heel and sole are added for a 90’s look. The heel tab from the 3 is present, complete with Nike Air branding, along with the extra supportive layers just along the lower parts of the upper. The sole of the new Don C Jordan Legacy is pulled from the Air Jordan 3 as well, including the first ever visible Airbag on a Jordan shoe. Finally, the midfoot strap from the OG Nike Air Trainer is added to the toe box for superior lockdown.

When Don C shared the first official images on his social media, he included just one black and white colorway. After the leak, however, plenty of sneaker accounts were happy to provide info on the numerous colorways set to release. While no date for the shoe has been provided, check out the first look at the Don C x Air Jordan Legacy 312 below, and let us know what you think about the new signature model.