Anthony Edwards’ adidas AE 1 continues to impress, each release creating more anticipation among fans and athletes alike. The latest model, exclusively available to 3Stripes Select Basketball members, showcases why Edwards is a trendsetter in basketball footwear. This exclusive version debuted in a stunning game, catching everyone’s attention.

The sneaker sports an iridescent, color-changing hue that can transform any basketball court into a vibrant showcase of style. The tie-dye patterns inside and the pearl-like shimmer make it visually captivating. This limited edition is currently a coveted item among the 3SSB athletes.

Adidas has created a pathway for serious athletes through its 3Stripes Select Circuit. This is where players can showcase their talents in front of peers and scouts. The circuit aims to prepare players for future college basketball opportunities, making each game a critical step in their athletic journey.

Moreover, the AE 1’s design allows for dynamic color combinations, a feature adidas continues to exploit successfully. Its simple yet futuristic aesthetic allows for personal expression while maintaining performance integrity. This has helped the shoe gain popularity, and every new release is eagerly awaited.


The AE 1 will make its official appearance to end the regular season, with a limited release exclusively available at select adidas-sponsored events. It’s set to be a significant highlight in upcoming basketball games, where the best of youth talent will showcase their skills wearing these exclusive sneakers.

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