The adidas Yeezy 150 Samba Sample Surfaces in First-Ever Images

adidas Yeezy 150 Samba Sample

adidas’ Yeezy line has drummed up a number of unreleased samples over the years, showing off some unique footwear from Kanye and his team. This week, we got our best look yet at the Yeezy 150 Samba thanks to @chaseseesghosts.

Kanye West and adidas are no longer working on new footwear projects together. However, that does not mean that there are plenty of unreleased, unseen samples floating around the world. Most silhouettes shared in ‘Ye’s many photos displaying massive lineups of colorways and models have eventually leaked to the internet, but the Yeezy 150 Samba has remained an enigma since it first appeared in a lineup of sample shoes in September of 2019.

The adidas Yeezy sample lineup from 2019

At the time, the photos were blurry, and hard to decipher what exactly we were looking at. However, A$AP Bari did share an additional photo of a high-top sample, that clearly defined the shoe’s inspiration from the classic adidas Samba and the skateboarding division’s Busenitz sneakers. The Yeezy 150 Samba features a full-suede upper, with paneling closely resembling the Samba that has re-emerged as an immensely popular shoe in the last year. The upper also features plenty of padding, giving them a somewhat puffy look and feel. Underneath, the model sports an updated version of the Samba’s gum sole, featuring the same outsole pattern with added height in the heels.

Bari’s Yeezy 150 Samba High sample

The adidas Yeezy 150 Samba will likely not see a release, as the shoes were sampled back in 2019 before the brand’s split with Kanye several years later. Despite adidas unloading their additional Yeezy stock over the last month, they are unlikely to introduce a new silhouette that was never rumored to enter production, so for now they will remain in the archives. However, stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more sneaker leaks and release news.

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