adidas Originals is diving into the chunky shoe trend this year. With the success of the Yeezy 500 behind them, the brand is turning to the past to breathe life back into some archival models that fit into today’s style, like the Temper Run from 2014.

 adidas’ Temper Run was years ahead of its time. First released in 2014, the runner was built to as an ode to bulky 90’s adidas sneakers, but never quite found a widespread audience. Since then, fans of the shoe have been kicking and screaming for a re-release after the Temper Run disappeared from shelves shortly after its debut. Now, The Brand with the Three Stripes is getting ready to appease the masses with a worldwide release.

The Temper Run has gathered quite the cult following since 2014. The most outspoken fans of the shoe are usually adidas employees who take to social media to share their love of a semi-forgotten pair. While the Originals team in London was blessed to host the very limited official re-release, some of the adidas Montreal team in Canada has been rabidly obsessing over the Temper Run for the last two years, hoping for a glorious return. Now, thanks to our friends Py_Rates, we know that the Temper Run will make its worldwide return much sooner than expected.

The adidas Temper Run made a very exclusive return at the adidas Originals Hanbury store in London earlier this year. The first widely released colorway will be the purple and grey pairs, which are coming soon, followed by five more colorways throughout 2018. Check out the official images below for a refresher on the exciting Temper Run, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more adidas release news.