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The adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Japan Pack is set to release later this month in two highly coveted colorways, triple black and triple white. Continue reading below to view every retailer releasing the triple black & triple white adidas NMD R1 PK Japan Pack online on August 11th with times & links. Be sure to bookmark this page & keep checking back as we will be adding retailers very often up until the release. Good Luck!

adidas NMD_R1 PK Japan ‘Triple Black’

adidas: bit.ly/2vP0dys [NOW LIVE]

FinishLine: bit.ly/2fWwGqb [NOW LIVE]

Villa: bit.ly/2hmV6gC [NOW LIVE]

Footlocker: bit.ly/2uti8KG [NOW LIVE]

Eastbay: bit.ly/2utiAIS [NOW LIVE]

Champs: bit.ly/2uteXTd [NOW LIVE]

Footaction: bit.ly/2utiG36 [NOW LIVE]

adidasEU: UK | FR | IT [NOW LIVE]

TGWO: bit.ly/2udlbGF [NOW LIVE]

SNS: bit.ly/2uJKwDy [NOW LIVE]

Allike: bit.ly/2umgNAt [NOW LIVE]

Size: bit.ly/2uuDS4R [NOW LIVE]

JD Sports: bit.ly/2vU7En2 [NOW LIVE]

Triads: bit.ly/2uLiuYm [NOW LIVE]

AFew: bit.ly/2wxUcmY [NOW LIVE]

Asphalt: bit.ly/2wyj8dY [NOW LIVE]

Footdistrict: bit.ly/2usWO8i [NOW LIVE]

BSTN: bit.ly/2uKZoBO [NOW LIVE]

Tint: bit.ly/2hNNG8j [NOW LIVE]

43einhalb: bit.ly/2uKgfEA [NOW LIVE]

Noirfonce: bit.ly/2uKrNry [NOW LIVE]

Sneakerbaas: bit.ly/2vIZePT [NOW LIVE]

Overkill: bit.ly/2uKN5W6 [NOW LIVE]

SneakAvenue: bit.ly/2uK0Wfs [NOW LIVE]

Inflammable: bit.ly/2uKwtOf [NOW LIVE]

Save our sole: bit.ly/2uKERx7 [NOW LIVE]

Schrittmacher: bit.ly/2vqqBvu [NOW LIVE]

End Clothing: bit.ly/2vU4fES [NOW LIVE]

Offspring: bit.ly/2uKiGac [NOW LIVE]

Stickabush: bit.ly/2ulRRhs [NOW LIVE]

adidas NMD_R1 PK Japan ‘Triple White’

adidas: bit.ly/2up3PXu [NOW LIVE]

FinishLine: bit.ly/2fWwGqb [NOW LIVE]

TGWO: bit.ly/2udzQls [NOW LIVE]

SNS: bit.ly/2uJNsjE [NOW LIVE]

Allike: bit.ly/2ulXCGQ [NOW LIVE]

Size: bit.ly/2wyHeoX [NOW LIVE]

JD Sports: bit.ly/2vnqt1q [NOW LIVE]

Villa: bit.ly/2hmV6gC [NOW LIVE]

LVR: bit.ly/2wERcE5 [NOW LIVE]

Footlocker: bit.ly/2uthyN8 [NOW LIVE]

Eastbay: bit.ly/2utjDso [NOW LIVE]

Champs: bit.ly/2utiwc0 [NOW LIVE]

Footaction: bit.ly/2utjfu2 [NOW LIVE]

adidasEU: UK | FR | IT [NOW LIVE]

AFew: bit.ly/2fvZOdd [NOW LIVE]

Asphalt: bit.ly/2vmRcen [NOW LIVE]

BSTN: bit.ly/2uKasz3 [NOW LIVE]

Tint: bit.ly/2fwlGW9 [NOW LIVE]

Footdistrict: bit.ly/2usUmOS [NOW LIVE]

43einhalb: bit.ly/2uKEe6J [NOW LIVE]

Noirfonce: bit.ly/2uL2g1y [NOW LIVE]

Sneakerbaas: bit.ly/2vTfspn [NOW LIVE]

Overkill: bit.ly/2uK2bLC [NOW LIVE]

SneakAvenue: bit.ly/2uL1Zf2 [NOW LIVE]

Inflammable: bit.ly/2uL0jlK [NOW LIVE]

Save our sole: bit.ly/2uKw9iB [NOW LIVE]

Schrittmacher: bit.ly/2vOtbOb [NOW LIVE]

Stickabush: bit.ly/2uKcsY5 [NOW LIVE]


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adidas NMD_R1 PK Japan “Triple White”
Release Date: August 11, 2017
Footwear White/Footwear White
Style Code: BZ0221
Price: $170

adidas NMD_R1 PK Japan “Triple Black”
Release Date: August 11, 2017
Core Black/Core Black-Core Black
Style Code: BZ0220
Price: $170