You may have noticed there is a timer on Yeezy Supply as well as adidas that just loaded up this morning. When the clock hits 0, it will be 9 am EST tomorrow. As Yeezy Mafia has not announced what exactly is going down for “YEEZY DAY”, let’s take a dive into what is possible.

The first thing that’s notable is that Yeezy Mafia hints at a lot of things. This morning he took to Twitter to announce Yeezy Day but he also posted a short clip of a Meteorites Path almost colliding right with Earth’s. This could mean nothing but it also could be a really good hint. Due to the space theme of the video and the anticipation for the 350 V3, we could be seeing the first pair of V3’s drop that we saw Kanye wearing a few weeks ago, the “Alien” iteration. Now, this is not the only space-inspired name that has been used on a Yeezy but it is one of the better possibilities (ex: Lundmark, Hyperspace).

That video could have meant nothing too, and we could be seeing a restock of multiple different pairs on the same day. Hence, the meteor almost colliding with Earth, which is a good representation of a huge Yeezy drop. There have been rumors of a Turtle Dove restock for quite some time but nothing has come to fruition as of yet, so maybe that changes tomorrow, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Kanye. Although it has happened before and they hype something up for it only be an announcement, this does not look like the case here, something looks to definitely be dropping.

Whatever it may be, it looks to be huge so I’d be on the lookout for what’s to come. As soon as we get word on what is going down, we will update you so follow JustFreshKicks for updates as well as more of the latest sneaker news. It is also possible that we might not know what is happening until the timer wears off so be prepared for that as well at 9 am EST tomorrow. Whatever goes down tomorrow, the team wishes you good luck and Happy Yeezy Day!

Words By Irven Sykes