On Cloudpulse Styles

In the realm of athletic footwear, the launch of a new training shoe is always a momentous occasion. This season, DICK’S Sporting Goods introduces an exciting addition to its lineup: the On Cloudpulse. Not just any training shoe, the Cloudpulse marks On’s foray into the dedicated gym shoe category, designed to elevate your workout experience to new heights. Available in four dynamic styles, this collection is tailored to meet the demands of both men and women athletes.

Power Your Pulse

Meet the dedicated gym shoe made to max out your workout. Whether tackling high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or engaging in functional training, this shoe stands as On’s first-ever dedicated gym shoe, crafted to support every leap, sprint, and squat.

On Cloudpulse Mens Blue Orange
On Cloudpulse Mens ‘Blue/Orange’

Designed for Excellence

The Cloudpulse doesn’t just impress with its performance capabilities; its design is equally noteworthy. The shoe features a reinforced mesh upper, which enhances breathability and adds stability during your workouts. This mesh is adept at wicking away sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. The unique lacing angle is a game-changer, ensuring increased support and an enhanced heel hold, crucial for dynamic movements. Moreover, the upper is conscientiously made from 100% recycled polyester, reflecting On’s commitment to sustainability.

On Cloudpulse Mens Grey Red
On Cloudpulse Mens ‘Grey/Red’

In-Shoe Comfort Like Never Before

Comfort in a training shoe is non-negotiable, and the Cloudpulse delivers on this front with its Helion™ superfoam. This super light and bouncy material ensures maximum energy return, keeping you agile and responsive. The inclusion of the Speedboard® supports lateral movements without compromising on flexibility. It connects to the heel counter, delivering unmatched stability. The CloudTec® cushioning rounds out the comfort features, ensuring a plush, supportive ride throughout your gym session.

On Cloudpulse Women's White/Orange/Pink
On Cloudpulse Women’s ‘White/Orange/Pink’

Durability and Traction for Unmatched Performance

On understands the importance of durability and traction in a training shoe. The Cloudpulse features added high-grip rubber on the outer forefoot, significantly improving traction and ensuring you stay grounded, no matter the exercise.

On Cloudpulse Women's Lavender/Black
On Cloudpulse Women’s ‘Lavender/Black’

Style Meets Functionality

The Cloudpulse is available in four stylish colorways, catering to both men and women. Men can choose between the striking Blue/Orange and the sleek Grey/Red colorways. Women can choose the elegant Lavender/Black or the vibrant White/Orange/Pink designs. Each pair is a statement of style, designed to look as good as they perform.

Made for every type of gym session. Support meets flex with the Cloudpulse. From its thoughtful design to its advanced comfort and durability features, the Cloudpulse is set to become a staple in the gym bags of dedicated athletes. Available now at DICK’S Sporting Goods, the On Cloudpulse invites you to redefine your training limits.

On Cloudpulse four Styles