Out of all the artists, Travis Scott has had one of the biggest years. With multiple collaborations under his belt a Netflix Documentary is the cherry on top of an already succesful year. Now he just released customizable merchandise to go alongside his “Look Mom I Can Fly” documentary.

Travis Scott has dominated the sneaker industry when it comes to his Jordan shoes. Likely earning his spot in multiple slots of the Top 10 shoes of 2019, it’s safe to say that the Houston rapper has owned 2019 when it comes to shoes but that’s not the only thing he has gotten himself into. Collaborating with Reese’s Puffs for cereal, merch and even breakfast items that all sold out within seconds, La Flame has done the imaginable.

Now as he shocked the world with a Netflix Documentary titled “Look Mom I Can Fly”, the movie shows never before seen details about his creative process for his Grammy Nominated album AstroWorld, and behind the scene footage of the rise and takeover of Travis Scott. Fan or not, the documentary is inspiring and shows a side of Cactus Jack that is hardly ever shown.

To go alongside the documentary, customizable merchandise was just released so fans can create their own look. We hardly see customizable merchandise when it comes to artists so this is a great opportunity to create your very own fit, a very interesting concept for fans to have fun with. Releasing a total of two customizable tee’s and hoodies, there are also options that do not include customization products.


The Merchandise is still available now on shop.lookmomicanfly.com. Prices start at $40 and top off at $110, great pricing for customizable looks. Feel free to share your customized shirts and tag on Twitter as we will be updating this post with a few of our favorite designs one week away on September 10th, 2019. We look forward to seeing your designs!

UPDATE 9/10/19: Although the merch is now sold out, check out three of the top designs we picked from Twitter below and thanks to everyone for the submissions.

Words By @irvensykes