Welcome to a brand new segment at JustFreshKicks where we will be featuring the top ten sneaker customs of the month! As each release slowly becomes more and more similar to the last, individuals have found ways to stand out. Whether it be simple color swaps, flower designs, or full reconstructions, each custom encompasses the individuality and creativeness of its maker. Now, we’ve set out to highlight those creative minds in our latest segment to shine light onto the underrepresented craft. The following choices are in no particular order as they all present a unique take onto their respective model. So without further ado, continue reading to view our top picks for the month of August:



“Art for art’s sake,” is more fitting than ever in this approach to quite possibly one of the most hype shoes in recent years. Far too often consumers place too much value onto a sneaker–what better way to shut down that notion then to paint on it. Using the “University Blue” colorway as reference for the Great Wave, the two blend effortlessly and present a visually pleasing custom. The design allows both the work and the silhouette to stand out on its own while also complimenting each other. Surely a pair worth putting onto a museum.



This iteration of the Nike x Sacai Blazer dons a much vibrant and eye-catching color scheme than its predecessor. While the original colorways present a light tone as well, this pink pair stand out amongst them all. Composed of two different Blazers in order to replicate the original design, this custom takes things to the next level. Much like the borrowed design, two overlapping swooshes (one in darker pink) help bring the design together by accentuated its key features. Double tongues can also be seen, making these a must on this months list.

8. adidas YEEZY 350 V2 BLACK “GUTS”


It is no secret that the Yeezy has (arguably) become one of the most sought after and influential sneakers in recent memory. With countless colorways to the masses, it makes sense that custom models would pop up to differentiate from everyone else. Now, theheyyman presents one of the most unique takes on the Yeezy 350 V2 by ‘flipping’ the script. Aptly named the “Guts” iteration, this model has its upper completely turned inside out to give out a fresh new take on a recurrent design. While its intricacy can be seen throughout the reconstruction, the simplicity of the motif is why it belongs on this list.



As the chicken sandwich craze took the internet by storm, Mache took it upon himself to serve up an order of these ‘Popeye’s’ inspired dunks. With the rising popularity in SB models, it makes perfect sense that the chicken-themed model would land on this list. Opting for a simpler color block, these Dunks exemplify the notion of ‘customs that don’t look like customs’. Using the ‘Orange Box’ SB as the base model, the artist matched the aesthetics of the restaurant perfectly onto the model. Two different ‘Popeye’s’ logos are placed completing the design. Surely a custom thats worth the long lines.



The epitome of sneakers and the myth-like stature of Michael Jordan combine effortlessly in this custom interpretation. The ‘Bred’ iteration is synonymous with Jordan himself and the story of how he was fined during his NBA career. Now, the French-based artist immortalized his image onto the classic silhouette by incorporating his dunk pose. While the portrait is evidently the center of the piece, the ‘distressed’ look is reminiscent of the recent Jordan SB. The attention to detail is clear throughout the sneaker and the colors across come together for a one-of-a-kind Air Jordan 1 “Banned”



The Nike React models have become fan favorites within its short lifespan. With many iterations already available, this minimalistic approach surely stands out above them all. Dubbed the “Anarchy” Nike React, artist rudnes takes on the Swoosh and reimagines the iconic logo in a bold new look. Keeping the base model a clean white colorway, the Swoosh’s polar opposite color contrasts beautifully and elegantly. Clean, simple, and vibrant, this take on the Nike React encapsulates the ‘less is more’ notion more than ever.



Nike’s Air Force 1 low is undeniably a staple of the sneaker industry as floral print is to the custom world. In this iteration, the sneaker artist incorporated key elements to bring forth a simple yet beautiful design. While the majority of the silhouette remains untouched, the floral design on its back part helps accentuate the rest of the model. Soft hues of pink with white highlights contrast perfectly agains the white background. Although some may argue that the motif has been played out, one cannot help to stop and smell the flowers.



Much like the previous entry, this Air Force one takes simplicity to another level by accentuating the model. Rather than painting around it, this iteration focuses primarily on the Swoosh and creates a ‘glitch’ effect. As part of his ongoing series, justwin creates an optical illusion through hand painted techniques. In addition to reworking the Swoosh logo, back tabs and tongues can also be seen with the same motif. No need to adjust your screens or eyes, this pair is just that good.



This custom has it all; a full color swap, custom laces and tags, a rearranged Swoosh and heat activated colors. Gathering inspiration from the Travis Scott Jordan 1, the Union 1 and UCLA school colors, this work encompasses everything. While it may seem that a lot is going on, it blends together so well that not one theme overlaps onto others. The colors appear to change with heat into brighter UCLA colors while the shoelaces (similar to the Union pair) help contrast the lighter tones with black and cream colors. A reverse Swoosh and ‘UCLA’ tags can be seen through the ankle panel completed with ‘Air Spencer’ tags. Surely one of the most intricate pairs we’ve seen.



With an ever-growing fan base, Anime has always had an impact on popular culture. The same can be said about sneakers and its importance within mainstream culture. Now, the two join forces into one of the more explosive customs we’ve seen on our list. Using Bakugo’s likeness, the overarching motif exemplifies his character within his respective Anime. Incorporating his explosive powers, the model is painted with an overall gradient fade that parallels fire. The Swoosh is used as an extension of the character and helps bring the theme together effortlessly.

With the first segment coming to an end, be sure to let us know which of these ten customs were your favorite and if you have anything you’d like to see for future reference. We hope you enjoyed the highlighted sneakers and as always be sure to stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for next month’s picks and other custom related news.