Supreme FW19 Week 5 played host to a huge collaboration with Lacoste and Supreme FW19 Week 6 looks to follow up with another great week with a huge droplist that consists of Supreme x Honda x Fox products.

Well, we were wrong again with our fall tee prediction but honestly being wrong feels good sometimes as the week got even better. Supreme isn’t holding back at all with their collaborations as another one is being set up for this week. After the Nike SB Dunk week, we’ve had a couple of straight weeks that consisted of huge partnerships that brought forth a lot of products.

Yes, the week is highlighted by the Dirt Bike but that will be an in-store exclusive and is rumored to see a stock level up about 60 bikes, so the chances of copping are slim to none. The great thing to go along with that is that Supreme, Honda, and Fox teamed up and gave us some great designs for clothing to make us feel better about taking an L on the bike. Releasing a motorcross jersey, puffy jacket, crewneck, goggles, and even a helmet, time and effort were put into each piece and it is evident that both wanted to release great products.


Supreme FW19 Week 6 will most likely be revealed on Monday but leaks this weekend are possible. In-Store sign-ups will go down Tuesday, October 1st and the drop will go down October 3rd, 2019 at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST. As we get more information on the week on the week stay tuned to JustFreshKicks as we will be your premier source for all Supreme FW19 Week 6 news.

UPDATE: Supreme x Honda is all the hypebeasts will be talking about this week as the hype is already maxed out for the week. We’ll get more information on other droplist items later but for now, enjoy the Supreme x Honda x Fox products below and estimated retail pricing thanks to DropsbyJay.

UPDATE #2: We got the full droplist along with retails this morning and the week shaped up to be a great one. While most of the hype goes to the Fox and Honda collab, that’s not to say the other pieces aren’t good. Check out the full droplist along with retails below and good luck tomorrow.


Source: DropsbyJay
Words By: Irven Sykes