The Supreme FW19 season has finished and for many, the season was not what they had hoped for.

It’s safe to say the hype for Supreme is at its peak as everyone now seems to be familiar with the brand. With secondary markets like StockX racking up users, it also has made the brand a lot more accessible to the general consumer. While Supreme is something we all will treasure for most likely our lifetime, the last few seasons have been mediocre at best and FW19 was a perfect example of just that.

First off, let’s start with the good. Supreme gave us more Box Logos in one season than what they really ever have. We saw the San Francisco store opening tee as well as the Bandana Box logo hoodie, tee, and beanie. Now yes, the bandana Box Logo was one of the best bogo designs we have seen in the last few years and their color choices for all three categories were great as well but for many of us, Supreme is much more than Box Logo’s. Now while there were a few great lookbook pieces that hosted quality designs and some nice collaborations like the Lacoste, North Face Statue of Liberty collection and Nike SB Dunk partnership, we also saw a majority of the 18 weeks filled with lackluster designs.

The main problem with Supreme this year was their tees. Supreme goes through so many releases, and designs in one season so yes I know there will be tee’s that no one asked for but this season it felt like more of a troll from Supreme to see how far they could push the needle to see if and when hypebeasts would budge and not buy. Examples of these lazy tees were the lotion tee, money power respect tee, and the Save the Planet tee. While there were other shirts that looked like a 5-year-old made them these three were the ones that were the ones that stood out and looked like something one could literally pull off on Microsoft Word. Now if you disagree, ask yourself if this was any other brands design would you even look twice? No, you wouldn’t and that’s the problem. A company that’s worth billions of dollars, should be putting out better designs that people would love even if it didn’t say Supreme on it.

Along with dry designs, this season we also saw more edgy designs. Not to say edgy is not in Supreme’s genre but when there are multiple tee’s that most consumers won’t buy it really makes you wonder who or what they think their fan base is. Yes, profanity has been used on Supreme items since day 1 but designs that involve imagery of a woman’s monthly occurrence, in my opinion, are a little over the top. Not to mention other tees that show a sketch of a woman’s chest, an old lady smoking weed, and other vulgar designs. While some Supreme fans loved these designs, there was an overabundance of these all in one season (some in the same week), and that’s where the edgy aesthetic becomes the opposite and appears a little childish. It’s also a big reason why these tee’s sat on the site for a while.

Supreme has been at the top of the Streetwear food chain for quite some time and now other brands like Palace, Kith, Bape, and FTP to name a few have been putting in overtime on their products and have arguably had better seasons in the past year. Maybe that’s why Supreme designs are becoming redundant and old, there are other comparable brands now and we couldn’t say that a couple of years ago. All this means is that Supreme can only be on this road and stay relevant for so long. Other brands are peeling away support, as Supreme’s stock is getting higher and reaching the masses. While there are still people out to get their first Supreme piece, once that population gets their hands on something, will Supreme’s lazy designs keep them? We don’t know. This season mostly everything besides collaboration pieces, accessories and Box Logos sat for days, a true testament that just Supreme designs are not cutting it. But the good thing that looks to come out of this is that Supreme DOES have competition now and we may have the best years of the brand ahead of us. Supreme FW19 was a dud, but it may have been the breaking point for the brand that will lead them to go back to the drawing board and release some quality pieces that their fans will really enjoy. How’d you feel about this past season? Feel free to let us know.

Words By Irven Sykes