Salehe Bembury’s innovative collaboration with legendary graffiti artist Futura on the Crocs Pollex Clog marks a significant moment in the world of footwear. This partnership is part of Bembury’s “Art Friends Thumbs Up Good Job” series, which aims to blend the realms of art and fashion into a single, cohesive entity. The collaboration introduces a special edition Crocs Pollex Clog, showcasing Futura’s iconic motifs and a vibrant color scheme that breathes new life into the classic clog design.

The collaboration clog features a predominantly blue color palette, accented with Futura’s signature abstract designs that add a layer of depth and intrigue to the footwear. This unique design approach not only highlights Futura’s artistic vision but also aligns with Bembury’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional sneaker design. The inclusion of Futura’s artwork on the accompanying tissue paper further emphasizes the artistic value of this collaboration, making it a collectible piece for both art aficionados and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

Limited to just 1,000 pairs, this collaboration underscores the exclusivity and appeal of limited-edition releases in the sneaker world. The partnership between Bembury and Futura facilitated through the Crocs Pollex Clog, represents a fusion of art and functionality, offering wearers a piece of wearable art that stands out in both aesthetics and comfort.


The highly anticipated Futura x Salehe Bembury Crocs Pollex Clog is set to be released on February 15th, 2024. This limited edition will be available exclusively at, offering sneakerheads and art lovers alike the opportunity to own a piece of this unique collaboration. Priced at $95, the clog combines the worlds of art, design, and fashion in a way that’s both innovative and accessible.

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