Reebok Shaq Attaq Features Pepsi colors and a mini-can chamber

The Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER is a reimagined version of Shaq’s iconic Reebok Shaq Attaq sneakers, tailored to fit the giant feet of the Hall of Famer himself. The collaboration saw the transformation of these size 22 sneakers into a wearable tribute to both Shaq’s legacy and his favorite beverage. Revealed during the All-Star Weekend and Shaq’s #32 Magic jersey retirement, the sneakers feature a custom design that incorporates the vibrant Pepsi blue and black color scheme, with unique elements that pay homage to Shaq’s career and his love for Pepsi.

The sneakers boast several distinctive features, including a reworked Reebok “Pump” that now resembles the Pepsi Globe. The electric blue and black colorway, complete with paint splatter detailing on the outsole, mirrors the classic Pepsi can design. Additionally, the insole sports a black and blue Pepsi pattern, while custom electric blue laces nod to Shaq’s first NBA team, the Orlando Magic. Perhaps the most innovative aspect is the electric blue leather chamber under the shoe, designed to hold a Pepsi Mini can securely, allowing Shaq to enjoy his favorite drink on the go.


This limited edition sneaker is not just a piece of memorabilia but a symbol of the enduring partnership between Shaq and Pepsi. Fans have the opportunity to win one of the twenty-two exclusive pairs by expressing their love for Pepsi Minis on social media with the hashtags #PepsiMinis and #Sweepstakes, until Sunday, February 25, 2024. This initiative not only celebrates the 32-year collaboration but also engages fans in a unique and interactive way, blending the worlds of sports, fashion, and soft drinks in an unprecedented fashion.

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