While 2020 is around the corner, Virgil has been showcasing his SS20 Louis Vuitton collection as of late. The latest to be put on display is the footwear and accesories section that we will take a look at today.

Virgil Abloh has settled in rather nicely at Louis Vuitton. There were actually no growing pains when he took over the menswear department which is something that many looked over. Normally, in a transitional period, the designer has to keep certain buyers while also staying true to themselves and their vision but for Virgil that actually wasn’t the case. He had a huge support system behind him that was ready for his takeover and which made others not familiar with him go out of their way in finding out who and what he was and also adapting their personal tastes to Virgils aesthetic.

Given that Virgil feels right at home at Louis Vuitton, his products show that. It’s obvious that he has 100% say so on what releases and what doesn’t and the company trusts him and his artistic vision. This upcoming SS20 season, it looks like that vision is all about color coordination. Virgil has even made it easier on buyers as the showroom displayed products together that were coordinated so there really isn’t a task of what goes with what. Sneakers and boots that feature boastful LV branding were displayed with handbags, belts, wallets and even suitcases that all match accordingly to their designated color. Most notable colorways are a vibrant orange and turquoise palette that each of the products don. Also, we knew Millionaire Glasses were going to be making their way back but Virgil has a huge vision for them as it looks like he’s releasing about six different colorways of the coveted glasses. While this is just a first look at what will be arriving next spring/summer, it looks like Louis Vuitton will be having a great year, all thanks to Virgil.

While we wait for more details regarding the collection, enjoy these great shots at a Louis Vuitton showroom thanks to HypeBeast. Going forward, stay tuned for more details on new additions to the SS20 line up for Louis Vuitton.