The Kith x Disney collection is finally here and Ronnie Fieg didn’t skip one beat.

Revealed last week that the collection was in the works, no one really expected all of this. The collection is deep and extensive in which Ronnie and Kith take their fans on a trip back in time in which we visit each of the nine decades of Mickey Mouse. The world-wide famous Mouse has taken on many themes during his 90 year run that include Steam Boat Mickey, Sorcerer’s Mickey, and many more. Kith has designed the collection with the hope to shed light on the transformation of Mickey throughout the years as well as their own journey of opening up their first store eight years ago. Eight of their signature fabrics will choose a decade that Mickey has lived through and embody that era to the full extent.

Kith describes it best, “Beginning with Mickey Mouse’s original 1920s art style, Kith creates an assortment of denim styles using staple silhouettes such as double pocket hoodies, trucker jackets, and kimonos featuring his likeness embroidered or executed in Swarovski crystals. The 1930s Mickey is represented through corduroy rugby shirts and varsity jackets, while the 1940s Fantasia Mickey receives a variety of sweater knit garments such as cardigans, cableknits, and more. Wool flannel tops embody 1950s Mickey, while 1960s and 1970s are covered by seersucker and Sherpa fleece respectively. The last two decades – 1980s and 1990s – utilize twill for the former and puffer outerwear for the latter. The fabric story element of this collection is complemented through a range of Kith Classics pieces featuring Kith for Disney branding.”

Along with the clothing pieces, there’s also shoes, accessories and a couple of collectibles that many would love to get their hands on. A full arrange of baseball caps, bucket hats, scarfs, and beanies accessorize the many sweaters and jackets of the collection while Converse has offered their Chuck 70 for three different iterations that don different design quirks. For collectors, Kith has also created a collaboratory shot glass set that showcases Mickey through the years as well as a plush set.

Overall, the Kith for Disney collection is one of the best we’ve seen from Ronnie and one of the best collections we have seen with Disney as a whole. Disney nostalgia will always hold a special place in many hearts, and with that Ronnie has tapped into all of our childhoods as Disney has played that same vital role to us as it has played to him. While it would be easy to slap a Kith logo along with Mickey Mouse branding and it sell out, they decided to give much more than that and go above and beyond. Effort, passion and hard work is displayed all over this partnership which Kith, Disney and Fashion fans can all three appreciate. It truly is timeless collection that will be recognized for years to come.


The collection is set to release this Monday, November 18th, 2019 at Kith in-stores and online at 11AM ET. Prices vary between $65 for the bucket hats and beanies and goes all the way up to $895 for the 1920’s denim jacket. Take a look at the full collection below and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more sneaker and street-wear news.

Words By: Irven Sykes