JJJJound’s minimalist take on just about everything has catapulted them into the hearts of just about every design or fashion-minded individual. This week, they’re finally releasing the long-awaited project with Reebok on the legendary Club C.

Founded by Justin R. Saunders in Montreal in 2006, JJJJound began its journey simply as a self-described “digital mood board”. Built around the idea of studying timeless design to find out what makes it so transcendent, this website model would eventually grow to become things like Tumblr and Pinterest.¬†JJJJound’s unmistakable level of quality and consistency made it a mainstay for design enthusiasts, and their affinity for the brand eventually led them to work on their own offerings, producing high-quality, durable goods in basic styles.

Since then, JJJJound has grown immensely in popularity, teaming up with many high-profile brands along the way in an effort to collaborate and learn. This month, the latest project from the Candian design studio sees them teaming up with Reebok on a, you guessed it, extremely minimal take on the classic Club C silhouette. The shoe’s leather upper comes entirely in crisp white leather, save for the cream-colored tongue hidden under the laces. The inner lining appears to be made from terry cloth, the soft and absorbent material you’d find in a beach towel, or well-made sweatpants. Finally, the Reebok branding on the exterior sides has been replaced with JJJJound’s own logo.

JJJJound has kept this new collaboration with Reebok pretty close to their chest, saving the official release announcement for the day before. Today, they took to IG to tell us that the shoes would be dropping via their website tomorrow, May 16th, 2019 at 12 PM EST. While very little is currently known about the project, we expect them to release somewhere above Reebok’s standard retail price. Check out the teaser images below for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more exciting Reebok release news.

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