As we were all preparing to take our L’s for the Yeezy 750 Boost “Light Grey/Gum” release, an image of 20 year old Allen Kuo spread around, which pictured him standing in front of a crazy amount of Yeezy 750s he obtained early.

Chances are you saw the photo of 20 year Allen Kuo standing in front of a massive amount of “Light Grey/Gum” Yeezy 750 Boosts before the shoes even released. The 20 year old was able to get his hands on 100 pairs, which he revealed in a recent interview with Sneaker Watch. During the interview, Sneaker Watch and Allen Kuo talk about his early ways of making money and intentions in the sneaker game, and eventually as to how he got his hands on 100 pairs of Yeezy 750s early. Allen claims that he obtains early shoes, including Yeezys, to flip them and solely make a profit off them, and is able to do it through his good reputation with multiple companies. While some might respect the grind, it is reasonable as to why others will get angry, as his actions diminish others of their chances at copping limited edition shoes. Those who try and obtain the Yeezys and any other limited edition shoe in a fair way are at a severe disadvantage, and these unjust actions are fueled by the greed of companies wanting to flip the Yeezys they get from adidas for $1000 instead of $350. So who’s more to blame, the retailer or the reseller? What are your thoughts? Continue reading to watch the interview, and let us know what you think by tweeting us @JustFreshKicks.