Human Made helped out on a couple of NMD Hu’s last year and now the Japanese luxury brand will be adding a brand new take to the classic adidas Stan Smith.

The adidas Stan Smith is as classic as they come. Apart of the pastime of sneakers and Tennis shoes, the Stan Smith has been a popular offering from the Three Stripes since the ‘70s. While it’s used to seeing collaborations, the green and white is always a fan favorite due to the vintage aesthetic it holds. Nigo’s Human Made has kept their Stan Smith silhouette with the loved iconic look at its core but also offers a few tweaks to the sneaker that adds a new contemporary look. While the upper is composed of white leather and a green overlay is added in on the heels, Human Made’s heart logo dresses the lateral midfoot while Three Stripes dress the medial in a heart design. A very subtle change but it gives the shoe a new look that many fans will enjoy.


The Human Made adidas Stan Smith will be releasing January 25th on Human Made’s online store and later on January 30th in-store for $136. While the Stan Smith is as popular as they come, expect many to be trying to get a pair. Take a look at the pair and stay tuned for more details.