Saucony and Extra Butter have teamed up this month for a special release of the Shadow 6000. Though not directly connected, this release ties in directly to the Matrix movies with some hidden details.

Have you been to the Extra Butter store in New York City? If you have, it might be quite obvious that they love their movies, dedicating an entire sneaker store to the theme of a movie theater. So, it should also come as no surprise that they frequently take some silver screen inspiration for their collaborative projects, whether or not they say it explicitly. This month, the New York retailer teamed up with Saucony, inviting fans to ‘follow the White Rabbit’ in a very timely Matrix-themed release of the Shadow 6000. While not directly tied to the release of the new Matrix movie, this Shadow 6000 instead combines some of the central themes and scenes from the movie with those from Alice in Wonderland, specifically the ‘Down the Rabbit Hole” mantra repeated throughout the story. The “White Rabbit” Shadow 6000 is largely cast in white for its mesh and suede upper, with some light grey midlayers breaking up the stark upper. Black saucony river logos appear on either side, with red and blue accents filling in the three central dots, representing Neo’s choice to take the red or blue pills in the original Matrix. Finally, the red and blue panels on each heel can be removed, showcasing the vertical green glitch code from The Matrix. 


The latest project from New York City’s Extra Butter and Saucony, the “White Rabbit” Shadow 6000, has already released via EB, where they are still available in a small variety of sizes. However, if yours is gone, another global release is scheduled for January 7th. The “Matrix”-adjacent collaboration comes with a price tag of $130, and some extremely psychedelic packaging. Check out the official images below for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more Saucony release news.

Extra Butter x Saucony Shadow 6000 “White Rabbit”
Release Date: January 7, 2022 (Global)
Price: $130