New Balance MADE

Welcome to the New Balance MADE category, your dedicated space for exploring New Balance’s premium line of footwear that exemplifies craftsmanship and heritage. Here, we cover everything from the latest sneaker news and release dates to exclusive launch links, restock alerts, and insider leaks. Discover the meticulous attention to detail and quality that New Balance MADE sneakers bring to your collection.


The New Balance MADE series represents the pinnacle of New Balance’s commitment to quality and local manufacturing. Produced in the UK and the USA, these shoes are crafted with a high degree of skill and precision. In the UK, the Flimby factory is renowned for its artisanal approach, producing approximately 28,000 pairs of shoes weekly. These sneakers are made with superior construction and premium materials like pigskin suede and mesh for enhanced breathability and comfort. Similarly, the New Balance MADE USA collection includes styles made with at least 70% domestic content. The factories employ over 1600 American workers across five factories in New England. This line not only supports local manufacturing but also delivers shoes that meet rigorous quality standards.