A sample just surfaced that showcases the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in a Turtle Dove inspired colorways. 

We just took a look at the translucent friends and family pair that featured a multi-colored tie-dyed upper and now another sample has surfaced that showcases the 350 V2 in a Turtle Dove inspired theme. While the Turtle Dove was one of the OG 350 colorways when Kanye first joined up with adidas, many fans have been wanting a return or even a similar design to adorn the 350 V2 but nothing has surfaced.

This sample although does not showcase the 350 V2 identacally to the original, shows that Kanye has thought about the possibility or may even have a final product that he used this sample to get too, we don’t know. The edition features a simailr design the Zebra rendition just in Turtle Dove themes instead of the usual white and black.

Although there is no release date scheduled for a Turtle Dove-inspired 350 V2, we may very well see one in the future, with Yeezy it’s hard to say. If the Turtle Dove did return would you be happy if this sample released or would you rather the OG restock? Feel free to let us know.