Canadian design studio JJJJound has been dominating headlines whenever their new footwear collaborations arise. Thus is the case this week, as the brand’s Instagram account teased new releases from Reebok and New Balance coming sometime this year.

JJJJound is not the most commonplace brand name among sneakerheads, but then again, calling it a brand would not do them justice. Founded by Justin Saunders in 2006, JJJJound began simply as a mood board, giving Saunders a space to share his creative vision and ideas. The blog section of JJJJound quickly gained steam, allowing the website to evolve even further into a design studio, where Saunders and team have spent the last 10+ years delivering high-quality iterations of basics, offering everything from crewneck hoodies to candles and writing stationery. Every so often, JJJJound also teams up with a major footwear brand on a release, and they are always a hit.

This week, the JJJJound team took to their Instagram page to share some upcoming projects, which sees them teaming up with both New Balance and Reebok once again. First up, the Reebok project continues on their previous release in 2019, once again using the Club C as a canvas. Featuring a cream-colored terry cloth lining, the color scheme of the new pair is shaping up to be similar to the original, though only time will tell. As for the New Balance project, they appear to be using the beloved 992 as their shoe of choice, decked out in a vibrant olive green color with cream white accents.

The latest footwear projects from Canada’s JJJJound have not yet been announced for release, though they are expected to launch sometime in the coming weeks from their online shop. Both releases will likely feature elevated price tags, as well s being exclusive to the brand’s website. Check out the teaser images from Instagram below for a better look, and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for more New Balance and Reebok release news.