Since early summer, we’ve been getting early glimpses at Kanye’s and adidas’ Yeezy Holiday 2020 lineup which now has suffered a variety of name changes. 

It’s been a while since Kanye changed his name selecting to religious-inspired nick-names that we have to look up and figure out what the Hebrew phrase means. It looks like adidas is taking a new approach with all of the scheduled upcoming Yeezy’s seeing name changes that are easier to pronounce and stand out a bit more than their predecessors. Most recently we have seen the change with the “Asriels” releasing in October being changed to “Carbon” and now the rest of 2020’s release calendar has followed quickly behind. The Yeezy Quantum “Ophanium” has now been changed to “Teal Blue” while the “Abez” 350 V2 has been changed to “Natural” along with the Yeezy 700 V3 “Sryphm” changing to to “Safflower” Other switches include the 350 V2 “Eliada” turning into “Sand Taupe” and the 700 V3 “Eremial” being switched to “Clay Brown”.

While we don’t know what brought forth the name changes, the changeup has definitely made it easier to attach the name to the shoe which may help in performance. Check out all of the confirmed Holiday 2020 releases down below and stay tuned to JustFreshKicks for all the updates and more of the latest sneaker news.

Source: YeezyMafia